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The Staff Entrance   

For here is where we enter the headquarters of the massive Chester-Perry Organisation, founded by Sir Reginald Chester-Perry himself. And here one man shows a spirit of defiance, individuality and humour that typifies the human condition in the face of oppression and tyranny. Well, up to the point that the wages come round anyway.  

This is the story of that man.

Bristow was drawn by Frank Dickens. He produced more than 14,000 strips since 1961, the majority published in the London Evening Standard between 1962 and 2001. Sadly, his illness in 2010 brought the creation of new strips to a halt but you can still see a different one every day on his website. Frank died on 8 July 2016, aged 84, and the Standard reported it here. There was also an obituary in the Daily Telegraph.

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The odd, the bad and the ugly
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Background information about how this cartoon started, appearances in other media, some of the strips that maybe should not have turned out as they did and why this website exists

Bristow -  buying clerk supreme

  What can we say about the man himself, the buying clerk's buying clerk, the devoted employee who after eight and two thirds years of loyal service is still 18th in line for Chief Buyer. In this section we try to get to the heart and soul of Mr. R. Bristow

The Soul of a Buying Clerk
The Job 
Bristow vs.The System

Bristow's ambitions

Bristow's romances
Getting to Work     Sleep    Tea


Life in the dreaded Chester-Perry Building

The colossal business empire founded by Sir Reginald, the Chester-Perry empire embraces many diverse businesses.  The Head office is a huge, monolithic brick building, parts of which are still being explored, bricked up, flooded by tea trolleys or used for many nefarious purposes. Sometimes people work there as well.
Inside the offices     How Big is C-Ps?     The Buying Department   The Firm's Canteen   Where is C-Ps located?    The Typing Pool   The House Journal   The Sick Bay
Other departments  The firm's colours  Sir Reginald' s standard     Sexism in C-Ps     The Great Tea Trolley Disaster of '67     Other Disasters        The Northern branch Two men in the corridor

Meet some of Bristow's colleagues

A mixed bag of crawlers and skivers, drunkards and layabouts, oily little gits and aggressive intolerant pen-pushers. Ah, the joy of office life.

Jones     Dimkins      Hewitt
 Pilkington      Atkins of Accounts 
Sampson of Sales     Hickford     
Toady Thompson the firm's crawler  
Peterson of Public Relations
Mr. Gordon Blue
Casanova Cooper of Costing
Mr. Cole the firm's barrack-room lawyer
Mr. Tracer the firm's sleuth
The New Man in the Accounts

Young Upstarts in the Buying Department
Benny (the Duke) Gibson 

Ratcliffe of Records
Mr. Shuffler     Mr. Gabby
Muscles Maddox the firm's bully
Mr. Meeke the firm's scapegoat
Alf Tupper      The Pigeon

There's more to life than Chester-Perrys - but is it life as we know it?

It's always busy around the Chester-Perry Building. If its not Messrs N Walters & Son trying out another desperate business venture, it's the Blondini Brothers ("Scaffolding to the Gentry") putting up another floor to the long awaited Myles & Rudge extension. The Traffic warden dispenses parking tickets whilst the bureaucrats of various "hi-speed" Government bodies plot to ruin everyone's life. Its a wonder that Bristow can get to work at all.

Myles & Rudge     Gun & Fames  
N. Walters & Son
Funboys Tours ("Hols for the Prols")
Blondini Brothers     Bodega Brothers  
The Press      Heap & Trotwood
Miss Pretty of Kleenaphone
British Hi-Speed Rail and others
The Park Keeper   Traffic Warden 232  The Tramps  Elvis Boggis 
Effandee Holdings
Greedy Fella Sandwich bar

Joe's Joke Emporium
The Dreaded Hulines

Even a humble buying clerk may feel superior to some people - here's a selection

Bristow cultivates and seems to be on good terms with the underclass at C-Ps - the tea ladies, the liftboy, the post boy, the janitors, the switchboard operators and most significantly the factory workers. Do they regard him as one of their own, or do they see him as inferior, someone to be pitied rather than respected? Things are different with the sharp-tongued girls of the typing pool, who will call him "creep" behind his back. But that may because he wastes so much of their time with his writings, singing into the Dictaphone and practical jokes (from Joe's Joke Emporium).

What defines this group as inferior? - easy, these are the people who aspire to becoming buying clerks.

Miss Sunman
Mrs. Purdy the tea lady
The Post-Boy
The Lift-Boy
Miss Rouge
Mary on the switchboard
School-leavers and assorted highly unlikely would-be Buying Clerks
The workers in the factory
Charlie of the machine shop
Mrs. Chrisp
Sir Reginald's Chauffeur
The Commissionaire

The Bosses    - a tribute

Why does Bristow stick it at Chester-Perry's? He is 18th in line for Chief Buyer, remember. One day he might actually become Chief Buyer. If he does then he will join the hallowed ranks of Management at whom he has spent so much time thumbing his nose (often literally). Here you will find a few of the people he hopes to rub shoulders with eventually..

Sir Reginald
Robin Chester-Perry
The Lady Chief Buyer 
Miss Glockling
Directors of the C-P organisation
Softy Palmer
Mr. Flint
WJ Turner (the firm's hatchet man) 
Mr. Wilkington
Mr. Taylor


What does a buying clerk do when he is not at work?

There is more to life than slaving away at a desk for eight hours a day. The firm provides wholesome and uplifting activities through the ever popular Sports and Social Club. The clerks while away many an idle hour with a relaxing game of desk-top football. Once a year Bristow fires up the old motor car and tootles off for two blissful weeks of sea, sand and sunburn. But the ultimate escape is to make it as a best selling writer and Bristow misses no chance to add to his impressive list of works.

The Sports & Social Club/
The Christmas Dinner and Dance
The Collected Works of Bristow 
The Poetic Urge
Desk-top Football
Paper Aeroplanes
Brain Surgery for Beginners 
Paper Clips and their uses 
A song or two  
The Glee Club
The Works brass band

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