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Bristow's Superiors

The Lady Chief Buyer


After Fudge was kicked upstairs there was a hiatus in the command structure of the Buying Department until the amazing appointment of a lady Chief Buyer. There are really only three things to be said about her:

  1. She is a babe, commonly referred to as "Barbie Doll" and an object of desire for every man in C-Ps. Copies of the House Journal bearing her photograph are collectors' items. Even the tramps in the park, C-P rejects to a man, are envious of Bristow for working close to her.

  2. She has never appeared in the strip.

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    Strip 10207 was published in the Evening Standard in May 1998
  3. She is unaware of Bristow's existence and nobody seems willing to enlighten her.

Why Chester-Perry's broke the habits of a lifetime to appoint an outsider and a female, in strip 10201
Strip 10201 was published in the Evening Standard in May 1998
to a top job in management is a great mystery. Maybe the firm is finally waking up the changes in society since 1960.  Unfortunately we never found out anything about her. She had no name, was never seen and had no contact with Bristow, who became known as the "man left out in the cold". He was still there of course, "working" in the Buying Department but he never met his boss. In the good old days when Fudge was in charge, Bristow was always being hauled over the coals for his laziness, stupidity or inefficiency. Fudge always had a great pile of papers ready to be dumped on Bristow's desk if he thought Bristow had insufficient work. But what was going on with the LCB? Who kept on top of Bristow? Where did he get his work from? He used to do little enough before. Had it all gone to Jones? Or was there been a fundamental re-organisation that cut the Buying Department out of the system and left it in office limbo?

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Strip 10568 was published in the Evening Standard in October 1999

The great innovation does not last. Fudge returns (demoted?) to take charge after Barbiedoll goes to America, marries, and never comes back. Ever since then (Year 2000 in real terms) he has been Chief Buyer and in that position he will surely see out his days.