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Miss Glockling  

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Strip 1258 was published in the Evening Standard in February 1965. This scan is from the Melbourne Age March 1967

Miss Glockling - the female Fudge? from strip 1258

Miss Glockling is Queen of the typing pool, and given Bristow's love of teasing and tormenting typists, he and she are natural enemies. She is a manager and should be superior to Bristow but he seems able to treat her with a certain disdain in strip 1469
Strip 1469 was published in the Evening Standard in October 1965
. However it is dangerous to push her too far. Glockling is able to turn to Fudge for support. After one such intervention Jones finds Bristow writing out "I hate Miss Glockling of the Typing Pool" 100 times. 

Who told you to do that?
Bristow: Nobody told me - its a labour of love
strip 1879 published in the Evening Standard in February 1967 and in Bristow (1970)

Although women occupy no senior positions at Chester-Perry's, Miss Glockling is close to being an exception. She was even put in charge of the Buying Department one summer whilst Fudge was on holiday but had to admit defeat when confronted by Bristow at his exasperatingly stupidest. But within the typing pool she is all-powerful. In strip 10367
Strip 10367 was published in the Evening Standard in January 1999
she confronts the bold typist Miss Dubois, who has used some underhand tricks to offload work onto Jones.

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Strip 2129 was published in the Evening Standard in December 1967
Alas we do not see Miss Glockling very often. And she is doubtless very happy to see as little of Bristow as possible. Especially as he may even be harbouring certain dangerous thoughts about her. As part of his plan to make it to the top, Bristow was driven to considering some sort of romantic liason with La Glockling - and only chance intervened to prevent this diabolical union, as strip 2945
Strip 2945 was published in the Evening Standard in August 1970. This scan is from the Sydney Morning Herald, October 1970