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Casanova Cooper of Costing  
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Believed to have come from Fank Dickens Website in 2001
One of those bit-part characters one would like to see appear more often, Mr. Cooper's sole preoccupation is chasing women. The quality of his standards may be easily judged when one considers that, in a power cut, his immediate instinct is to rush to the typing pool. Basically any female will do. Of course it is all just a bit of fun - or is it? strip 2163
Strip 2163 was published in the Evening Standard in January 1968 and in Bristow (1970).

Bristow discovers that the lure of the opposite sex is essential if he is to get Cooper to take an interest in work. Brandishing a requisition he confronts another clerk in Costing

Bristow: I suppose there is no point in showing him this requisition"
Clerk: "No point at all. He won't read it. Of course if you could possibly slip in a reference to a well turned ankle and a shapely calf..."

If a man hurtles down the corridor screaming "gangway" it is probably Casanova on his way to check out the new season's temps. If a man is glued to the window appraising the passers-by it is probably Casanova, gripped by the impact of summer dresses. If, when Bristow picks up his phone and hears naught but a barrage of giggles and "stop it, saucy" then he knows exactly where Mr Cooper is and what he doing.

Chasing temps can be a tricky business. Sometimes they are not what they seem - strip 2274
Strip 2274 was published in the Evening Standard in May 1968
Bristow is normally an admirer of Cooper's dedication to his art but not when things become personal - strip 2571
Strip 2571 was published in the Evening Standard in June 1969. This scan is from the Sydney Morning Herald September 1969
- but fortunately nothing comes of this particular dalliance.

In October 2003, a new and fascinating recruit joined the Costing Department - a Miss Curvacious. One can only wonder at what will happen to the workload. Alas Mr. Dickens has not yet brought together Cooper and Curvacious in one strip but we can wait in hope.