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Strip 4492 was published in the Evening Standard in October 1975 and in Living Death in the Buying Department. This scan is from the Melbourne Age November 1975

Typical reaction to a plea from a committee member
Constantly battling against apathy and cynicism, the Sports and Social Club does its best to make life at C-Ps’ worth living. Every year the members of its committee face a barrage of criticism at the annual general meeting; were it not for Toady Thompson the traditional call for a vote of thanks to retiring officials would be met with stony silence from the massed ranks of hostile clerks - strip 2861
Strip 2861 was published in the Evening Standard in May 1970, in Bristow (1970) and in Bristow (1972).

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Strip 3298 was published in the Evening Standard in October 1971. This scan is from the Sydney Morning Herald published December 1971
Perhaps a reason for the hostility is that each year the meeting cannot start until there is a quorum. Ranges of tricks are employed to bring members into the room. One year it may be trails of coins (followed by Atkins of Accounts), trails of sawdust (followed by the carpenter) and trails of paper clips (followed by Bristow); another year detour signs are placed in the corridors forcing the departing clerks into a one-way system that leads to the meeting room.

The Sports side is not noted for its achievements. One year there is only member active in Judo, Karate and Weightlifting. The AGM votes to close them down - unfortunately no-one volunteers to be the person to break the bad news to the sole member who is working out in the gym at that moment. (Not too surprising really, seeing as that man happens to be Muscles Maddox the firm's bully).

Aside from the Dinner & Dance the Social Club tries to put on various festivities. Things are livened up when one of the waitresses - Dolly "Fun Fun" White becomes president. She plans a Halloween rave up, a Christmas Caper, a New Year Knees up, a Valentine day thrash and many more. The Halloween party (which is a life-saver for Bodega Brothers) is ruined when a drunken hobgoblin abuses the barman, jeers at the assembly, throws wine over the M.C. and attacks the band with a witches broomstick. Bristow remarks thoughtfully "I didn't know Peterson of Public Relations was interested in the supernatural ". It seems likely that the rest of Dolly's imaginative programme vanished under a welter of apathy because little more is heard of it.