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Bristow's Colleagues

Mr. Cole
The firm's barrack-room lawyer

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Strip 10382 was published in the Evening Standard in January 1999

Peter Cole, the firm's lawyer, seems to spend most of his time advising clerks not to sue. Amongst his judgments are:

  • Advising Bristow that he did not have a case against the proprietary tonic “Fullasun”; who used a picture amazingly like Bristow in their poster campaign
  • Advising Jones that, although he was indeed injured during the firm's time, the injury was caused through a non-approved activity (a game of desk top football)
  • Advising Bristow that the loss of his precious manuscript Starf Wars in a terrible accident at publishers Heap and Trotwood (when they burned it rather than read it) was not actionable. Mr. Cole cites the binding legal precedent of the paperwork lost in the Great Tea Trolley Disaster
  • Advising Bristow that kicking a radiator in order to get it going, and thereby sustaining a serious injury to his foot, would not be good grounds for an action. This particular case featured a conspiracy with Jones (as witness) and the nurse (medical expert) who opined that "Between the three of us we can take the firm for every penny its got". Alas the cunning plan fails at the first hurdle.
  • Advising Bristow on the international law concerning the hi-jacking of tea-trollies
  • He is also called in when Bristow fears he has become known as the firm's scrounger - we do not however see the results of this particular consultation, as Bristow seems happy enough with the designation.

    Mr. Cole would appear to be a bit of a crawler in his own way, perhaps fitting in with his permanent support for the management as evinced by the examples above. When, in strip 5527 (November 1979) Toady Thompson proposes at the Sports and Social Club AGM that a statue be erected to the founder of the club, it is Cole who is the seconder. And he is pleased when asked by a colleague to augment the firm's standard contracts with the phrase "zero tolerance". In short, the fearless defender of the people he ain't.