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This collection is every Bristow book published in the UK. There are eleven. Frank Dickens' website used to claim that twelve have been published. I think the missing book was called the Story of Bristow, was scheduled for publication in 1997 and allocated an ISBN number, but never appeared in print. Thanks to Michael O'Driscoll for letting me know that he tried to order it and was told it was unobtainable. If anyone knows anything else about it, please let me know.

Brian Berke was kind enough to send me the covers and title pages of the first two Bristow collections published in Australia. These are reproduced at the foot of this page.

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Front and back of "Bristow", Constable & Company 1966. The blurb on the back is interesting because it refers to the "commuter clerk" as a familiar creature. This book is different to all of the others - it contains a series of storylines, many illustrated with full-page pictures, and much of it was never published in strip cartoon form. The highlight is the firm's outing to Whelkston where we learn quite a lot about Bristow's relationship with his fellow workers. Highly recommended and rare.

Front and Back of "Bristow", Allison & Busby 1970.


Front of "Bristow", Abelard-Schuman 1972

Front and Back of "More Bristow", Abelard-Schuman 1973

Front of "Bristow Extra", Abelard-Schuman 1974


Front cover of "Bristow Latest", Abelard-Schuman 1975

Front and Back of "Living Death in the Buying Department", Futura Publications 1976


Front and Back of "Bristow v Chester Perry", Barrie & Jenkins 1978



Front cover of "The Penguin Bristow", Penguin Books 1981

Front Cover of "Bristow's Guide to Living", Macmillan 1982. Not so much a collection of strips, more a series of musings on how to survive office life, illustrated with freshly drawn pictures but all based on published strips and usually following the text exactly.

Front cover of "The Big Big Big Bristow Book", Little Brown 2001

The front cover and inside title page of the first Bristow collection published in Australia, Beaumont Book Company 1977
The front cover and inside title page of the second Bristow collection published in Australia, Beaumont Book Company 1978