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14 half hour episodes were broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1999 and 2000. All were scripted by Frank Dickens and featured the same cast, although some characters appeared in only one or two broadcasts. Transcripts for all broadcasts are listed below. BBC4 extra (formerly BBC7) regularly repeats the broadcasts.

The main cast were:

Bristow Michael Williams
Jones Rodney Bewes
Mrs. Purdy Dora Bryan
Fudge / stationmaster at East Winchley station Jon Glover
Hewitt Owen Brenman
Postboy Simon Schatzberger
Miss Sunman Katy Odey
Hickford Roger Lloyd-Pack
Miss Peach Carol Starks
Gert (a cleaner) Liz Fraser
Daisy (another cleaner) Joan Sims
Stokes (the caretaker) David Batley

Some of the the radio cast - Roger Lloyd Pack, Joan Sims, Owen Brenman, Katy Odey, Michael Williams, Rodney Bewes, Liz Fraser.


Each episode was directed by Neil Cargill, with sound recording by Grahame Harper and music composed and performed by John Whitehall

1st Series 1999

1. Apr 21 Fair Shares
2. Apr 28 Follow That Star
3. May 5 The Girl Next Door
4. May 12 Sun, Sea and Sabotage
5. May 19 Stranger on a Train
6. May 26 The Great Escape

2nd Series 1999

7. Nov 24 When Melancholy Autumn Comes to Chester-Perry
8. Dec 1 The Power of the Press
9. Dec 8 Mr Bristow Regrets
10. Dec15 The Girl in the Yellow Overcoat

3rd Series 2000

11. Jul 7 Of Moles and Men
12. Jul 14 The Good, the Bad and the Temporary
13. Jul 21 Chapter and Verse
14. Jul 28 Repaying Mr Piper

Series guide courtesy of and copyright John Lavalie

Transcriber’s note

I use bold, to indicate when a character places special emphasis on a word

CAPITALS denote a character shouting. Exclamation marks have the normal meaning (i.e. the whole sentence is emphasised but not shouted)

If one character interrupts another then the first character’s lines will end with an ellipsis…

Sfx denotes sound effects. These are placed where they occur but of course many sounds run on in the background while characters are speaking. If a particular effect occurs within lines then it will be inserted thus within the words. Italics also denote stage directions, as when a character whispers

It is impossible to reproduce the marvellous catalogue of groans, gasps, exclamations, splutterings and swallowed expletives produced by Michael Williams. Please understand that when it says
Bristow: “Erh wuff Holy Mackeral!”
there are far more complex and richer sounds being uttered than can be expressed in words.

VO means "voice over" and indicates when Bristow is speaking as narrator.

A footnote is indicated in square brackets e.g. [note]

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