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Bristow's Colleagues

Peterson of Public Relations

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Strip 4055 was published in the Evening Standard in March 1974 and in Bristow Extra

Peterson in full flight

How on earth did the Public Relations department of Chester-Perry's come to employ Peterson? Here in strip 1442
Strip 1442 was published in the Evening Standard in September 1965 and in Bristow (1970)
is demonstrated his legendary patience and tact. This early glimpse of Peterson establishes the character in full. It is Peterson whose rudeness makes it impossible to book an alternative to the firm’s canteen for the Annual Dinner and Dance. His work as the MC for the 1965 dance results in his ejection by the rest of the revellers. The C-P football team would have improved on its 11-10 defeat of Effandee Holdings had a spectator not rushed onto the pitch, punched their players, assaulted the ref and booted the ball into the canal. He plays euphonium for the Chester-Perry works brass band but destroys their first public performance by insisting on absolute silence from the lunchtime audience before launching a hysterical frenzy aimed at someone who tells him to get on with it. The Sports and Social Club’s Halloween Ball is ruined by an goblin whose vituperative attack on the food, drinks, decorations and music brings the evening to a premature end. The agitator stirring it up from his soapbox in the park with a swingeing attack on rich industrialists needs no introduction.

It is rather surprising, in view of his intense dislike of just about everything C-P, that Peterson chooses to attend the Annual Dinner & Dance strip 4535
Strip 4535 was published in the Evening Standard in December 1975 and in Living Death in the Buying Department
or to eat in the firm's canteen strip 4973
Strip 4973 was published in the Evening Standard in September 1977 and in Bristow vs. Chester-Perry. This scan is from the Glasgow Evening Times, September 1977

We don't see Bristow driving his little open-topped car very often. Perhaps because you drive in England at your peril with people like Peterson around.

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Strip 1405 was published in the Evening Standard in August 1965

His finest moment is at a party at Dunwell Manor, Sir Reginald’s country home. Bristow and the clerks read an account in Daily Things that tells of guests being insulted, a scuffle on the dance floor, a diplomat pushed into the swimming pool and the police called to arrest a man. The man is not named but no one has any doubt. Bristow raises his teacup "Gentlemen - I give you Peterson of Public Relations"

Unfortunately Peterson rarely appears in the strip but here is one time - in the Greedy Fella sandwich bar - that he takes a leading role (pun, geddit?) strip 3139
Strip 3139 was published in the Evening Standard in April 1971 and in Bristow (1972). This scan is from the Sydney Morning Herald June 1971