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Bodega Brothers, Wine Merchants
est. 1881 (purveyors to the nobility)

Somewhere in the City connoisseurs of wine will seek out this old-fashioned vintners, where the partners work amidst the oaken barrels and apprentices learn the secrets of the grape at the feet of their wise masters. But they must be quick. Bodega Brothers lead a fragile existence, always on the verge of bankruptcy, yet so often saved from utter extinction by a single order from someone in the Chester-Perry organisation. Sometimes it is wine for a C-P board meeting. When the workers in the factory go on holiday, their order for the coaches taking them to the airport is enough to save the vintners.. On another occasion it is the beer for the Sports and Social Club Annual Coach trip to Mudsea strip 3894
Strip 3894 was published in the Evening Standard in September 1973 and in Bristow Extra . This scan is from Sydney Morning Herald, October 1973
. Celebrations for Sir Reginald's birthday and the regular order for the C-P AGM provide a significant part of Bodega's turnover. Should Sir Reginald ever take the pledge - and enforce it on his staff - then Bodega Brothers will close forever.

A typical scene in the Bodega Brothers cellars - the management once again are about to announce closure. Will a last minute order from C-Ps save the day?

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Strip 4751 was published in the Evening Standard in October 1976. This scan is from the Glasgow Evening Times, October 1976