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An extract from strip 6619 was published in the Evening Standard in March 1984. This (doctored) scan is from Glasgow Evening Times March 1984

At the moment

I have finished doing all the updates that I wish to do, and there are no new sources of strips to mine, nor is there much point in doing any more cleanups of scans. From time to time original artwork is sold via the web and I am able to obtain scans of the highest quality but the pace of this is slow and unpredictable. The Bristow website will remain as it is for the forseeable future.


Not much to add so far this year. I am still cleaning up old scans but there is not a lot left to do. There are very few pages on the site that need to be updated in any case. I'll put a note here when there is something worth writing.

Update in 2012

Work has been continuing for a long while, as I gathered strips from the online newspaper archives so generously provided by Google. I have also made full use of the archives of the Sydney Morning Herald, which have a full run of the paper up to February 1995 (Google's archive has many missing issues and stops in 1989). I now have virtually all the strips published from 1961 through to 1994, a fair selection from 1997 to 2001 and almost everything published on since. The main gaps are some of the earliest from the Aberdeen Press, a few patches in the later 1980s, and the years 1995-1997. I am still seeking the best quality strips and cleaning digitally as far as I can. If any reader would like to help me out, please get in touch.

Much of the image collection task is complete and many poor quality strips on this site have been replaced with better versions. I am now able to make a lot of updates to this website. This will continue so do please check out this section from time to time if you want to see what's new..

New or massively rewritten pages:
Young upstarts in the Buying Department (November 2012) - A new page on some of the people who join the Buying Department, irritate Bristow and then depart forever
A Dinner and Dance Companion (December 2012) - including all the action and gossip from every dinner and dance to hand)
The House Journal (December 2012) - with notes on every edition of the HJ in the archives)
Bristow's holidays (December 2012) - now a with a Complete Holiday Album
The Odd, the Bad and the Ugly (December 2012) - strange strips, the ones that really were not funny and some that have to be seen to be believed
School-leavers and unlikely buying clerks (December 2012) - new section on the young men, from royalty to actors, from spacemen to monks, who want to give it all up to work at C-Ps
Great Tea Trolley Disaster of '67 (December 2012) - much more about this seminal event.

Pages that have been updated:
Bristow's Ambitions (May 2012)
Atkins of Accounts (May 2012)
Temps (November 2012) - introducing the astonishing LaRue family)
Hobbies (December 2012) - new section on paper clips and their uses
Other colleagues (December 2012) - added Ratcliffe of Records
Poetry (December 2012) -new section on the poetry that celebrates David Elliot, patron saint of Buying Clerks and hero of the Great Tea Trolley Disaster
Barker (December 2012) - two more strips added

I also discovered the Link Checker feature in Dreamweaver - I hope that all links now work correctly, including those that point to a section within a page.

New in 2010

Still more edits based on research into strips published in the 1980s. New article on Robin Chester-Perry.

New in 2009

pictures now "float" rather than opening up in a new window and you can open as many strips as there are links to them (on one page at a time). Use the mouse to click the strip numbers, or the arrow keys, to pop up the pictures and drag with the mouse to arrange them on the screen if you want to compare them.With thanks to Torstein Hønsi of for making this code freely available
There are more hyperlinks - following the example of Wikipedia, the first time on a page that there is a mention of a character or theme that has its own page, there will be a hyperlink to that page

New articles on Miss Rouge, Muscles Maddox (the firm's bully), Mr Meeke (the firm's scapegoat), the Sick Bay, Mr Tracer (the firm's amateur sleuth) and the Dreaded Hulines, as well as many extra pictures and textual revisions.