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Mastertronic games collage

Mastertronic budget-priced games giant of the 1980s. A look at its beginnings, why it was so successful, its distinctive art and design, and its huge impact on entertainment software during the 8-bit boom. Written by a senior member of staff who was at the heart of it, this is the only definitive history of the company on the net.


Bristow  Between March 1962 and April 2001 the London Evening Standard published Frank Dickens' cartoon strip "Bristow", over 10,000 strips in all. Syndication continued in other newspapers for some years afterwards and Dickens drew new strips on his website until 2010. The Guinness Book of Records lists Bristow as the the longest continuously published cartoon in history. Some 14,000 strips have been drawn.

Bristow has spawned 11 books in English, and a number in Italian, a stage play and ran for three BBC radio series. This site is a celebration of a great comic cartooning creation.


Ramblings of a Ruislip Commuter

Once in the distant past there was a commuter who travelled by train each day from beautiful Ruislip into central London. And wrote about it. He doesn't do the commuting any more but he's still writing about this and that. You may find it interesting. You may not. He's going to go on writing anyway.


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