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These are web sites of special interest to fans of Mastertronic. Some are still collecting and playing the original games on their trusty old 8-bit machines and tape recorders. Thanks to emulators the rest of us can now play Mastertronic games on PCs and Macs and some of these sites are excellent resource centres. I am happy to add links - email me if there is something that should be in this list. And if a site link needs updating, please let me know as well. One or two of these links may be to defunct web sites but I'll keep them in, in the hope that the owner will revive them one day.

Spectrum Archive - the best resource for Speccy games, cover scans, links to magazine reviews, publishers and much more.
Retro Video Gamer - A fan forum for all forms of older computer game. They interviewed me in April 2012 and asked some relevant questions. This was their first interview; since then they have continued to talk to many people from the games biz.
Hans Persson's Lysator site specialising in adventure games
The Little Green Desktop - best source for Atari ST games, scans and reviews. Offline since Nov 2011, sadly.
Commodore Free There used to be an excellent magazine and website called Commodore Scene, run by Alan Bairstow. He interviewed me for an issue in August 2000. Alas, no longer on the web but it seems that Commodore Free have picked up the baton with a very good looking online magazine.
Moby Games - everything about PC based games - They have a history of Mastertronic that I supplied.
Kim Lemon's C64 download site - masses of the best games and many inlay cover scans. In August 2002 Kim put on his site a major interview with me and a history of Mastertronic written by Lee Theasby. Each Mastertronic game on the site has a direct link to the interview. Sadly Kim has withdrawn (May 2004) many of the downloads but it is still an excellent site.
Clive Brooker's site - author of One Man and his Droid, Empire Fights Back and Lap of the Gods.
Mark Brady designed some of our original cover art, including Orbitron, Doodlebug and 3D Maze. He has some great examples of illustrations for other games.

Retro Gamer magazine published my history of Mastertronic in an 8 page spread in its opening issue, January 2004. The original publisher, Live Publishing, went into administration in October 2005 but it's good to see that Retro Gamer has been acquired by another publisher and is going forward in strength. And that history reappeared when they published issue 100.

In 2013 Graeme Mason wrote a superb revised history, heavily based on mine, but also tracking down the elusive Richard Bielby to his hideaway in France and interviewing others involved with the growth of the company. It was published in issue 118. I have used some of Graeme's interview findings to update my own history.

Was Mastertronic the greatest budget publisher? Richard Hewison has fond memories of our great rivals Firebird as you can see on his tribute site to Telecomsoft
Gamestalks - A big site widely covering games and publishers past and present
MastertronicC64 blog - Mat Corne's attempt to collect and demonstrate via Youtube how to play every Mastertronic C64 title. Highly recommended for his videos and pithy comments.
All things Mastertronic - Alex Aris has also been collecting both C64 and Atari titles
Vinny Mainolfi's End of the Line - C64 stuff mainly. Shows the ending screens of games, the bits that I rarely saw in the days when I was playing them. Great to see this site back on-line after several years down.

last updated: June 2016